Our Covenants


Stagecoach Trace Covenants

Depending on where in Stagecoach Trace you call home, different covenants apply.  Although very similar across the board, there are subtle differences from one set to the next, so please be sure to view the correct covenants based on your address.

It should be noted that Sector 1 covenants apply to all sectors, and if you are in Sectors 2, 3, 4, or 5, then those covenants are amendments to each sector.  So if you live in Sector 4, Sector 1 covenants apply with exception to the amendments noted in Sector 4.

You may click the links below to access the PDF versions of the covenants for each sector of Stagecoach Trace:

Sector 1 - All homes on Sunset Trail, All homes on Sunrise Court, 100-101 Horseshoe Circle, 100-136 Silverstone Lane

Sector 2 - 139-174 Silverstone Lane, All homes on Star View Circle, All homes on Blue Sky Lane

Sector 3 - 178-241 Silverstone Lane

Sector 4 - 102-146 Horseshoe Circle

Sector 5 - All homes on Morning Mist Trail

Ordinance Regarding Uniform Addresses & Visibility