About Stagecoach Trace

Welcome to Stagecoach Trace

Stagecoach Trace is a friendly neighborhood governed by the volunteer, resident-led Stagecoach Trace Residential Association and the Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, and Covenants recorded with the office of the Shelby County Judge of Probate. We are funded through annual assessment dues, which are due in January each year. The current assessment is $350.00 per household.
Stagecoach Trace is a neighborhood of 157 lots with 155 homes. We have two gazebos, a pool with a pavilion, and restrooms, as well as a walking trail 1.5 miles long that circles the entire neighborhood. We have several common areas which are large enough for several activities. A portion of the neighborhood backs up to University of Montevallo Ebenezer Swamp Wildlife Preserve.
Stagecoach Trace residents have sidewalk access to Meadow View Elementary School. Many neighbors enjoy leisurely walks around the neighborhood utilizing our sidewalks. We are serviced by Alabaster Fire Department, Alabaster Police Department, Calera Water Board, Alabaster Trash and Shelby County Sheriff’s Department. The neighborhood is located in Ward 6 of Alabaster.
You will notice that we take pride in our neighborhood from the signage that welcomes you to Stagecoach Trace, the beautiful trees that run alongside the neighborhood streets, and the pride we take in maintaining our common areas that our many residents enjoy.
Our annual assessment dues ($350) is among the lowest that you will find anywhere, and our volunteer board is very diligent in putting those funds to good use in keeping the neighborhood safe, modern, and beautiful. 
Stagecoach Trace is located just 4 minutes from I-65 at Exit 234. You will swear that you are removed from civilization as you know it, but you are only 5 minutes away from local retailers and 10 minutes from the Alabaster's shopping and dining epicenter.